British in Europe: Update on citizens’ rights

British in Europe and the3million have just published a joint overview of the negotiations to date and the current situation, including stumbling blocks on each side. There is also a link to a comprehensive pdf with more details, reasoning and a “practical and achievable roadmap” for reaching a “satisfactory” agreement on citizens’ rights during the negotiations in the European Council in December.

The overview can be read here:

and the full version here: British in Europe: Citizens’ Rights – The road to a satisfactory comprehensive agreement (pdf)

For those of you with a little more time, Jane Golding, Chair of British in Europe, also gave evidence at an EU Justice Sub-Committee meeting on citizens’ rights in London on 31 October. The Sub-Committee meeting was called as a follow-up to an inquiry which was held shortly after the referendum to look at the position of European Union citizens’ rights (including British citizens living in the EU27). Following this inquiry a report was published in the hope that it would influence the negotiations but the lack of conclusions on the negotiations have spurred further efforts to find out more about experiences of Europeans in the UK and UK citizens in the EU27.

Other witnesses included Dr Kirsty Hughes (University Lecturer in Public Law, Clare College, Cambridge), Nicolas Hutton (the3million) and Dr Dimitri Giannoulopoulos (College Associate Dean & Senior Lecturer in Law, Brunei University).

Jane Golding EU Justice Sub-Committee
Jane Golding (British in Europe) gives evidence at the EU Justice Sub-Committee on 31 October 2017. Image source: (see link below)

Jane’s opening comments highlighted the “complex bundle of indivisible rights which can only be guaranteed through negotiations” in the context of the Withdrawal Treaty and the fact that only about 21% of British citizens in the EU are over 65 – hence the importance of securing rights for working citizens.

A transcript should be available soon and we will add it as soon as it is made public. Watch the whole sub-committee meeting here: EU Justice Sub-Committee meeting on citizens’ rights

**Update (14.1117)** You can read BiE’s written evidence submitted to the House of Lords here:




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